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Brian H

Yes, if you get involved in this Iraqi blogging community you've got a dragon by the tail! It's vigorous and active; Zeyad's photos (3 albums of ~40 pix each, more to be posted once he gets some sleep) at healingiraq.com are riveting.

Eric Deamer

What I call the "second wave" of Iraqi bloggers: Zeyad, Alaa, Omar, AYS et al, is unequivocally the best development in media this year. They are all such good writers and such engaging, likeable personalities. You really feel like you know them and have such a personal connection from reading their blogs, and their insights and observations on day to day life in Iraq are invaluable, worth infinitely more than almost all Big Media coverage. From reading their blogs alone you get the idea that what we have done is worth it and that we are going to prevail. I'm glad to see that there are other big fans of their blogs. I post on them frequently as well. I'll link to this.

Colin MacLeod

Looking at those pictures gives me gooseflesh, frankly. I remember from my own street protest days being a little worried about the guys who drove by yelling "Get a job!" These Iraqis have good reason at least to wonder whether they aren't making themselves prime targets for proven mass murderers - the same mass murderers against whom they're marching.

Truly awesome.

Cool Breeze

Just bounced over from Hammorabi and what a pleasant surprise!

Clear, concise, no-frills common sense... great blog! and I'm adding it to my "favorites."

Colin MacLeod

Cool Breeze, thanks. I've noticed your comments on the Iraqi blogs - as refreshing as your name would suggest.


Another worthwhile blog is by someone working at the CPA in Baghdad who calls himself John Galt. The blog is called Deeds. (http://deeds.blogspot.com)


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