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Paul Craddick

Good pts., Colin

I often have similar thoughts when I hear that the latest field poll shows that, say, such-and-such percent of persons polled "disapprove" of the job President Bush is doing.

Let's say that, in some overall calculus/reckoning, you do indeed marginally disapprove of the job The President is doing. Going against the grain, you might, actually believe, e.g., that Bush isn't being "tough enough" against, say, the "axis of evil" powers. Yet you know that to register your disapproval in the poll - since it's so vague, and granted the rising political tide - will appear to situate you in the same camp as those who opposed the invasion of Iraq. What to do? Simply refuse to participate?

It seems that a first step to "poll reform" would indeed be to get the pollsters to ask a series of very precise questions; e.g., "do you disapprove of President Bush *because* you disapprove of his decision to invade Iraq w/o UN benediction?" or "do you disapprove of President Bush *because* you supported the invasion but believe his administration didn't plan sufficiently for the occupation?" Etc.

I know -- it'll never happen.

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