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I'm a Scots-Jewish (Skewish) American - born in Vienna, Austria, but brought up in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. My abiding interests in history, military affairs, and international relations were always in the background even during my radical left-green artistic youth, were somewhat suppressed during my long sojourn in the movie industry as writer and reader, but were renewed and intensified over the last decade or so even as my neoconservative tendencies were breaking through to the surface. I've lately been making up for years spent studying literature and philosophy by absorbing tons of genre fiction for pleasure, especially science fiction and suspense thrillers.

I live in North Hollywood with my Jack Russel Terrier Buddy and Toy Poodle/Bichon Annie, below Universal City, just a few blocks north of Jimi Hendrix Avenue.


politics, history, science, dogs